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Another rant by me... I suppose this would be more of a whine but still...



So after finishing up a major quest in my sunday DnD campaign I got to switch my character to a DMM persistent spell Cleric, with shit for brains intelligence. I changed characters mostly because my last character was PC interaction hungry character and the other PC wanted none of that (Ref: Earlier post). But anyway, I digress, so yeah cleric. As a game thing, since she has a 8 intelligence, I said she doesn't talk much as she doesn't want to let on that she isn't very smart, fixes problems for me since no one really talks anyway... So now comes along the first side quest... One of the PC belongs to the local Mafia and her twin sister, who is also the leader, is acting strange and the PC are to find out what's going on... We are lead to a fancy resturant where we find the twin with some drow making out and I was the only one who went and sat in a table next to them to eavesdrop and I over here them plotting to bring our PC in for their purposes... concerned my character follows the drow (this is all happening while the other PCs are trying to figure out what to do) and then calls him out in the street (High Charisma but has the charm of a brick, so it's more along the lines of calls out threateningly). The guy spooks, turns around and fires three beams of searing light at me... which immediately bounce back due to the Holy Star spell and he... burns himself to a crisp, I go collect the ashes in a glove, go back to the PCs and after dumping the ashes on the table, "He killed himself"... the other characters are shocked (PCs are annoyed because of what happened) and ask, "How?" I reply, "A spell that fires beams of light." and what could have led to some very interesting PC interaction ends right there... no one questions me after that... end of side quest... sigh... and that's when I realised... that currently the two reasons that I am in this campaign is because 1) my girlfriend plays in it and she is having fun and if I quit she will quit too...(And Yes, I don't quite understand how that works either) 2) story line is pretty interesting.



Oh the humanity...

In other news I now know where the water fountain at my work is... So I joined about 3 weeks ago and I didn't know where th water fountain was so I have been going to a the pantry type area and getting the water from the tap there... and today I noticed it... right next to the pantry... Engineers are blind I say. 


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