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How'd you start GMing?

So, I'm wondering... how did you (those of you who do) become a GM?

Was it through necessity? Experiment? Destiny?

Any interesting anecdotes?

Any not-so-interesting anecdotes?

Here's mine...basically, I started gaming in 1979 (had the D&D rules since Xmas 1977, but neve really had a group). First group, a local kid, Scott, was the DM, and myself, my younger brother and my Mom were the players. (No shit - I remember one time my Mom's character, who was a thief, swiped the keys off someone by kissing him. I was like 10 at the time, and amazed.)

Anyhow. I gamed at school, and at the local public library. Other people ran stuff.

I started running stuff, for the first time, around the age of... 12. Boy did I suck. Ran modules, read them verbatim, didn't do anything that wasn't written down. Had a friend Brian play... and then my mom's best friend's lover, Karen, who was like in her 40s, played a couple times while visiting.

Complete and utter crap.

About a year or 2 went by, and my new best friend, Tom Smith (yes, that was really his name) and his brother became my new group - not that I'd run anything much in the time between.

The thing was, I don't recall what might've happened, but I was loads better. Hell, I didn't even use modules, it was all by the seat of my pants. We'd lay out the map of Oerth, figure out where they were and see where they wanted to go to next. Sometimes I had ideas, other times I didn't. But, damn... some seriously good stuff, especially considering my age.

From that point on, I was usually the GM of any of the groups I was involved in. On occasion, I've had the opportunity to be a player, but I'd say about 95% of the time, I'm the GM.

And I'm (mostly) happy with it that way - wish it were more like 85%, but hey.

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