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The Anti-Gravity Room

"Oh, this is a fun room"
pt. 2

Black Leaf (Yes, named after the Jack chick track), the Rogue opens the door. The room is a 30'x30' space with a 40' high ceiling. Giant beetles are crawling on the ceiling, and there are random, uncovered pit traps on both the floor and ceiling. Some tiles on the ceiling are red, while some tiles on the floor are blue.
In the center of the room is a dais, holding a rod with a blue crystal on top.

The PCs are aware that there is something funny about this room, so they enter cautiously. The rogue goes first, and the others remain in the hallway, watching. Black Leaf cautiously attempt to trigger a blue tile without stepping on it. The room's Gravity reverses; up becomes down and vice versa, and Black Leaf finds himself making a tumble check to avoid falling into a ceiling pit trap.

Now the Giant beetles are aroused by the delicious looking Rogue. Initiative dice are rolled. Beetles win. One Giant Beetle goes first and MUNCHES (Confirmed crit!) on poor black Leaf, and he is out of commission. The other one advances and attacks the first in competition for the morsel.

Seeing their comrade in danger, the remaining PCs rush in. Enon, the sorcerer goes first. Thinking that the magic was a single use thing that had affected the rogue, Enon plans to go in and cast spells at the Beetles from the floor. But not so - the room's entire gravity field has changed, so as the Sorcerer steps in, he finds himself falling upwards as well. He feather falls, landing on top of the beetle that is munching on his friend.

Next, Lochdonan, the Paladin moves in, with his boots of levitation. Although suddenly upside-down, he easily adjusts and levitates down (or up, whatever) to the Beetle, also landing on its back, and attacking with his halberd.

There are four minis in the same space: The beetle, Black Leaf in the beetle's pincers, Enon on its back, and Lochdonan on its rear. Kinlore, the Samurai paladin rushes in to the rescue. He immediately begins falling upwards... landing on top of Enon. After taking a good bit of falling damage and dealing a good bit of damage to Enon for landing, Kinlore attempts to get to Black Leaf and heal him.

Now the Beetles go. Beetle number one is a little tired of having all these people on top of it, so it skips munching on the rogue for a round and tries to shake them off, and manages to knock Enon off, but not the others. The other beetle attacks Kinlore, because he looks tasty.

Enon uses a spell to daze the beetle (due to DM oversight, the daze spell was able to affect a nonhumanoid with over 4 HD). The beetle's pincers go slack and it drops Black Leaf, who is now conscious and functional, thanks to Kinlore. Black Leaf tries to crawl under the beetle and attack it from below. Black Leaf takes a good bit of revenge on the insect's soft underbelly. In the subsequent turns, the PCs kill the one Beetle they're all on, causing it to collapse... on top of Black Leaf.

Black Leaf crawls out from under the Beetle's carcass... and inadvertedly crawls on and activates a tile on the ceiling, switching gravity again. Enon feather falls again, but Kinlore plummets to the ground, taking a good bit of falling damage... then the dead beetle also plummets to the ground... landing on top of Kinlore.

As the party tried to recover, the other Beetle began its descent down the wall...

oh, the antics.
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