K'rrayn (krrayn) wrote in roleplayers,

Sea Battles

In the time-honored tradition of derailing GM preparations, my group has decided to pursue neither of the land-based courses presented to them and instead opted to hire a sailing vessel to cut several days from their trip.

Any advice on running sea battles?

System is D20, low magic, occupied territory. Group of 6 PCs and 2 NPCs, avg party level 4, hired a fishing/sailing boat to travel approx 1 week along the shore of a great inland sea/freshwater lake. Ship is run by a smuggler captain and approx 1 dozen sailors.

I was thinking of having them run afoul of either pirates or an orc troop transport (orcs are the rank and file of the occupying forces, and not very good sailors), but I have no experience either running or playing in a ship to ship sea battle.

Any advice on overall game mastering strategies for arbiting such would be appreciated.
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