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I have an issue and this group is kind of at a loss on what to do.

I play on a message board based X-Men RPG. About four months ago our Admin, the only one with Admin powers, went missing. Many attempts have been made to contact him via email, myspace, LJ, and the message board itself. No attempts have been returned.

Up until a few weeks ago, it had been annoying but not a real problem. Then they showed up. A Roleplaying team. They refuse to listen to the mod staff, they refuse to follow the rules, and now more and more terrible people have joined. People who think Vampires are cool, people who think being superpowerful is awesome, and well, you get the idea.

We have gotten in contact with the site that our board is hosted on (Proboards). They have informed us that there isn't anything they can do. They can't give any of us admin powers. They can't do anything. We are going to see if we can get them to ban the homophobic member, but short of that their hands are tied.

Which leaves us with two options:

1) Make a new board. If we do this, we probably loose 90% of what is on that board. We might also lose players that we like.

2) Wait. We are currently in this option. We plan on using option one in a few months, after six months has passed. But it doesn't fix any of the immediate problems. We are doing everything in our limited moderator capacity, but the most we can do is edit posts. We can't delete them. We can't ban people.

Does anyone know of a decent solution to this problem? Is the only answer to move the board? Assuming we still wait until Aug, is there any better way to handle the situation? We can't create new forums, so it makes it difficult to lock people out, or create an application or even a new member area (which is what we are talking about doing).


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