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Reviews Wanted

Minor plug for my company (since we're a tiny indie group).  :)

Fool's Moon Entertainment now has both the Player's Guide and the Game Master's Guide for the Mhar fantasy setting up for sale in PDF format at RPG Now.  We're looking for reviews and comments from people who have purchased the PDFs, and would love to hear input from the players.  Your input would be welcome!

At CanGames this year, we'll finally have a booth, and will be selling hard-copy versions of the RPG, as well as CDs containing Grimoire #1 to #5.

That being said, we're looking for writers for Grimoire #6 and up.  If you have ideas for the Mhar setting (alternate rules, ideas for characters or setting), ideas for your own setting which you'd like to see published, reviews, or want to write editorials on anything game-related (state of the industry, the direction you think the RPG community is going), or want to write letters to the editor, we're looking for you.  Articles submitted that we put into the magazine will be come with a small paycheque for your efforts.  :)

And please, spread the word!

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