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Free Throw

Again, odd question for an original system RPG.

So! Among the stats there's one that's your standard Dexterity/Agility/Reflexes, a second that's your semi-standard Observation/Perception, and a third that's your standard Muscle/Strength type thing. There's also skills for handy dandy tricks.

The way we've been running it, the way combat basically goes for punchy/hitty/stabby things is that Skill+Dexterity works out the "to hit", and the success of that roll is boosted by your Strength (there's also a multiplier for weapon-type, but that's a moot point). For guns and arrows and such, it's Skill+Observation for the "to hit", and the success of that roll is boosted by your Observation (since it's all about knowing where to hit. Again, weapon type can multiply the damage).

What about thrown knives/spears/rocks/atl-atls/darts/etc..? I believe the damage bit would rest on Strength like punchy/stabby stuff, but should the "to hit" be Observation based or Dexterity based? I can imagine good situations for either option, but to go with the average of the two stats seems a bit too nitpicky.

It'd been suggested to go with Dexterity for moving targets and Observation for stationary ones, but that can lead to the weird situation of a Low-Obs High-Dex shooter not being able to get a good shot in until the target starts to run.

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