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Vampire the Masquerade: Calling a Conclave.

If you have read my previous posts about how things are going down in my LARP, would I have reason to call a conclave? Here's the situation:

The setting is in NYC we have anarchs in Harlem, Lupines in Central Park, Sabbat in Jersey, Giovanni at JFK and Little Italy, and Setites in Brooklyn. At game one, the group found out that Calebros (Temp Nos Prince of NYC) has been slain. A Ventrue by the name of Alexander Goldstein has been selected by the Camarilla to lead the city with Calebros' death. In his opening speech, he vowed to the court and especially the Nosferatu that he would not stop until he found out who murdered him. For the past 4 months, the prince has been going on with rampage after rampage as well as blowing up the manhattan docks to get Sabbat packs. Threatens the Lasombra antitribu after the Lasombra discovered a Sabbat member at his church and delivered the sabbat member straight into the hands of the prince on a silver platter. Even after all this, the Nosferatu have been patient accept one, Silvantus (My 7th Gen former Primogen Nos as well as the Childe of the Nos Justicar NPC)He finds the lack of investigation on the murder unacceptable. He grows irate by the night. Finally he has enough, after 4 months not one word of the investigation. He arrives at the Elyisum and after slamming the senschal against a wall, demands to the Senschal to see the Prince ( The Senschal understands the Nos Elder's anger)After calming down (Not before nailing a mortal to a door with a dagger (Sheriff says I broke Tradition by doing this) Silvantus says that in two weeks, if no progess has been made, a Conclave will be petitioned This unnerves the Senschal, the PC Sheriff acts like its nothing and rolls her eyes. Silvantus takes his leave. The Prince is notified and is pissed. Demands that the Sheriff bring Silvantus to him. They do. After a shouting match, Silvantus attempts to put up Majesty (Is disputed by player and co-ST against me OOC so I settle on Dread Gaze. I Dread Gaze the Prince but not the Sheriff) The Sheriff Dread Gazes Silvantus and Silvantus is Dominated by the Prince and told to Heel. Believe that Silvantus got cheesed on, I had him burst into flames and killed like Calebros had. I also did this to further the plot line. Shocking enough, The prince again was the last one to see both Calebros as well as Silvantus before their deaths. The Clan Nosferatu fearful of their existence contact the Nos Justicar about all this, in two weeks he is coming to NYC not as justicar but as a grieving sire.

My question now is if I wanted to call a conclave from this situation, how would I do it?
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