explosivespam (explosivespam) wrote in roleplayers,

Re-Posted from a Forum at a Local Game Store

Looking for player(s) Since it seems fruitless to hope to find a suitable group, or player(s) to game with, I have decided to take a different tact, just for my own amusement.

WANTED: Immature, (age unimportant) Gamers. Prerequisites include; but are not limited to: addiction to cardboard crack type games,(eg. mezmerized entrancement with goo-gee-blow, pukey-mon, blahjerk the smothering, etc.) complete collections of noisome bodily se-/ex-/cretions, preferably in collage or mural form, Full alien uniform from any movie or television show with Alien, Extraterrestrial, or Star as a word in the title. It is important/incumbent that you also have chronic nasal drainage, spastic involuntary movements, speech impediments, overprotective parents (especially if over age 21), poor/negligible/nonexistent interpersonal relationship skills, temper tantrums, undependability, unavailablity, poor command of your native language(s), absent impulse control, global dysfunction, emotional instability, occult/CIA/NASA/George Bush etc. conspiracy fixations/fascinations, paranoid delusions, or anything that others might find, have informed you of, or your total lack of any human contact might suggest are equally annoying to anyone within your immediate proximity.

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