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hello, i have come to you all for redemption. i now know i must feel guilt for my recent character...i'm playing Kindred of the East, and i made a character...who is a twink. A TWINK. *hangs head low* tis a flying, let me explain why he's a twink, and why i come to you all. see, he's not even kuei-jin (eastern kindred, for those who don't know)...he's a dhampyr. yes, that's right, a half-vampyre half-human, born of some kuei-jin with a wild imbalance of chi. ok, so that wasn't so bad. but i insisted he is also a vampyre hunter...a demon hunter, as the eastern ones are. a Shih. a half-vampyre vampyre hunter (sound like a familiar anime character?). so his attributes were 8/6/3 and abilities are 21/12/7.... when i found this, i rejoiced. my ST sighed and let me take a price. now he has a shitload of stats, but 8 p'o...and it talks to my character. for those who don't know, p'o is like a wraith's Shadow...the bad side. i would call him Faust, but this is the east. hell, i just did a Faustian thing for my character. so yeah, my character's a twink through and through, and i have come here for my penance.
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