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Characters for my Middle-Earth D20 game

I finally got all of my players to finish their characters for my Middle-Earth game. It looks like the only thing missing is a straight forward magic user but that is not a big deal. The characters are:

Rider of Rohan - 3rd Level Knight (PHB II) (Helping to rid Arnor of Orcs and such)
Hobbit - 2nd Level Ranger/1st Level Fighter (A shirriff of the Shire)
Dunadan - 3rd Level Swashbuckler (Member of the Rangers of the North)
Beorning - 2nd Level Ranger/1st Level Barbarian (Hired Orc Tracker)
Sindar Elf - 3rd Level Scout (Member of the Rangers of the North)

I am starting the game this Friday night and I hope that I have planned enough. It is my first time DM'ing in a long time so I am a little rusty.

The adventure is set in the Fourth Age, 12 years after the War of the Ring. The kingdom of Arnor has recently been re-established in the North and the capital of Annuminas has just finished being rebuilt. A celebration is being held to mark the occasion. There will be some familiar (and yes famous) faces and not so familiar faces attending. Lets hope that my players are diplomatic enough to not start any fights. *grin*

During the celebration an envoy from the realm of Miredor in Southern Middle-Earth will arrive to ask for the assistance of the Reunited Kingdom in dealing with some left over minions of Sauron. Will King Elessar send help? If so who will it be? is a mystery....*grin*

I am going to try and keep good notes on what happens.
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