Rodney Brazeau (bandersnitch) wrote in roleplayers,
Rodney Brazeau


Ive been toying with an old DnD character of mine and adapting it to a Jadeclaw character concept.

The original character was an Elven Monk named Ounce.

I wanted a character that resembled agility and grace. The serene philosophy of the monks attributed the grace, and the Elf racials allow maximum agility. I wanted a cat like name to reflect his agility, but not something obvious. I also wanted the character to be young and naive of the ways of the world. I also wanted him to focus on his bow as a primary weapon. No melee weapons. Much of his philosophy revolves around the wisdom found in the simplicity of the bow.

Then I read somewhere that a baby snow leopard is called an ounce. It only seemed right.

Then when I got my copy of Jadeclaw, the Anthropomorphic RPG, Ounce returned to his inspiration and became a snow leopard again. Same concept, same character. Different race... sorta.

Big Image behind the cut

I have yet to create a character sheet for him. Currently I am working on a finished colour image.
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