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This is just tossing out an idea that I think someone may also find interesting. I don't have time to mod anything, but I think this would work well as a free-form play-by-post (or even a dice-based game, I don't know which system you would format it for, but it's fairly flexible imho). I'm just punting out the idea for someone to work with. It's your typical cheezy sci-fi stuff but someone might get some use out of it.


 Set in the not-too-distant future, the roleplay revolves around a world consumed in excess. Although everyone acknowledges that their current lifestyles are harmful to them, they are too dependant on fast food, fast cars, and cheap oil. Alternatives have long since gone to the wayside; the general populous finds themselves dying at sixty-five or fifty of heart disease, athsma, or something equally easily preventable. To counteract this, the reigning society of excess has turned to technology - specifically, cloning technology - after all, why worry about what you eat when you can just have your genetic twin living the healthiest possible lifestyle, and then harvest him for organs?

While those affluent enough to afford the procedure use this as an excuse to live life as lavishly as they possibly can, their clones live as how science has determined to be the healthiest way - an organic lifestyle with plenty of exercise. In short, they live on the last patches of untouched nature in the world, flung back to little better than the stone age, not knowing who they are or what their inevitable purpose is for. They roam in nomadic groups, a few occasionally attempting to settle down and try some form of agriculture, but without much success. If there is one constant among the tribes it is that they are all deeply spiritual - they don't know the glowing tags embedded into their legs are tracking devices, not marks from gods, and they don't know that it's the company protecting someone's investment who comes and knocks them out and patches them back up when they've recieved a life-threatening injury (instead of divine intervention). And they don't know what happens after someone simply dissapears from their ranks - they assume that wherever they went, it must be better. And when new children appear, it's simply accepted that they are blessings, not burdens.

The flash point that starts the RP off in earnest is some researchers from the affluent, luxurious, technology-laden society (perhaps coming to study the recreated "prehistoric" society) accidentally leaving something behind, or a character (ex a tribe leader, of some status) coming back after being treated for an injury and not having all of his memories wiped - in other words, the barrier between the two worlds starts to break down, and characters (largely in the tribes) have to deal with the rude awakening of what they are being used for.

(Possible concerns with the RP: As realistically only the upper-middle-class to rich would have the money to buy a clone, GMs would probably have to keep an eye out as to make sure they didn't recieve apps for a bunch of I'm-a-celebrity-in-my-other-life drop-dead-gorgeous amazon types. Also, some RPers may feel burdened to take on two characters - the clone and the "original" - while others may see this as a unique challenge.)
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