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[D&D / AD&D] - Blood War & Hellbound


I've been thinking about running a military style campaign in D&D 3.5 to get a handle on the range of tactical play you can do with D20; maximising effectiveneess of spells, working as a party, co-ooperating over strategies, attacks of opporunity, hit and run attacks, knowing when to run away etc etc.

I was considering as well to do out of level slightly, so it's always going to be a hard fight, playing level 8 characters facing level 10 encounters perhaps.

I've always loved planescape and the idea of the blood war so am going to do it in that setting. The players characters will be employed as mercenary group used by the lawful evil devils and will do various missions.

Players get told up front what the stakes are and the set up for the game so they wont be going in blind. They'll have time to decide how they work together as team before the game starts. Even to the extent of 'tooling' the party determining feats, equipment, responsibilites etc to represent the time they've spent together and their reasoning for taking the job.

I was considering as well playing with the look and feel of the game somewhat so it might feel like a Sharpe style game or a crack squad in WW2, but most likely not dressing up demons in napoleonic uniforms.

My real question is related to the Planescape book Hellbound. Has anyone had experience in either previous editions of running the material or indeed converting it to work with 3.5? Generally as well if anyone has experience running games where PC groups are military units in D&D I'd be interested in knowing how they played out?

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