Alexandre Cordonnier (bloodangel) wrote in roleplayers,
Alexandre Cordonnier

A little update from Alex's campaign...

Ever play in a game where the players used roleplaying to attack another group member? There's a guy in my group who is not well liked by my other players. His new character was a thief. The group's cleric wouldn't let him steal, even from monsters, and kept lecturing him about morals. The group's two main fighters kept calling him a coward and berating him for his unconventional tactics. The group's wizard wouldn't even speak to his character for some reason. And now, the player all of a sudden has to work on gamedays. It certainly was more tactful the group than killing his character outright, but still a little mean.

What's the point of this story? Nothing, really. Better than seeing some another play by AIM ad, I suppose?
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