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Kleene Star

Writing About RP

Hello fellow roleplayers!

This is one of those posts that's half for conversation, half asking for help. (But, I hope, interesting enough that it fits community standards!)

I'm researching how people use roleplaying experiences in fiction writing - i.e. how someone might take a campaign or character and write a piece of fiction about it - as part of some larger research on composition. I'm curious to get a sense of how many roleplayers actually do this. Among the people I know, I'd say it's maybe 50%, but who knows if that's representative? Of course, who knows if this community is representative either ... there isn't really one central forum where all roleplayers get together, which means it's hard to know who's really in the community and who isn't. So what about you? Do you write fiction about the games you run? What about the ones you play in? Do you write fiction more for games that you play online - i.e. where you are already doing a lot of writing - or for ones you play face to face?

Now for the part where I ask for help. I'm looking for two or three more interview subjects for this research. If you write fiction about your roleplaying experiences, I would love it if you could contact me! I'm talking to people over IM, so it doesn't matter where you are. Also, in case you're concerned, I was a gamer long before I was a game researcher, so I won't be asking things like "OMG WHAT IS A CHARACTER!!11!!!" If you're interested you can leave a comment here, and I've also just put my email address in my user info. Thanks!
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