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Old story but a good one

So we're playing standard D&D 3ed. The DM, a good friend of mine, gives us a Bag of Useless Things. Now, when you actually read the description for the bag, it actually says that it has things like a broken 10ft ladder and such(can't remember most of the rest >.>). It also lists a raygun that is so powerful it can kill anything in one shot. Two D batteries not included.

So one of the other players takes the bag and stashes it into his inventory.

One year of RT later, the DM gives us a ring of three wishes. My friend who took the bag wishes for two D batteries(wait for it...). The DM, not remembering that he gave us the bag, gives him the batteries, completely puzzled why he would want them.

Finally we're standing in front of a big, powerful, evil guy. We've been chasing him for a while now and he's one of the direct minions of the even bigger and stronger guy who we so want dead.

We roll initiative. My friend goes first.

His action was to reach into his pocket, pull out the batteries, pull out the raygun from the bag, stick the batteries into the gun and fire. He rolls to attack. Natural 20 followed up by a 17.

A boss that our DM had spent a good chunk of a year designing and building up for this fight was vaporized in one attack.

I love D&D.
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