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GM Rules

I posted this as a comment on another thread, but felt it was worthy of it's own post.

There are some rules a gm should always follow. They are rarely part of any game system. Here are my rules for being a gm.

1> Thou shall go to any length that will cause your players to have fun, including chucking the rule books out the window. [1]

2> Thou shall be aware if your players do not look like they are having fun.

3> Thou shall be entertaining.

4> Thou shall never 'seize control'. (railroad). The game is controlled by the players. You are merely a catalyst/interpreter.

5> Thou shalt not smack the players with anything they can not solve/handle, unless recourse is given later. [2]

6> Thou shalt not pick on one person above another.

7> Thou shalt provide equal time to all players whenever possible.

8> In this equal time, it shall include equal effectiveness and oppurtunities for enjoyment whenever possible.

9> Thou shall provide choices to the players that allow them to illustrate that they do indeed have control.

10> Thou shall listen to players who express complaints as per rule #2.

11> Thou shall ignore all complaints or critisicms from one party that seem to interfere with rule #1 for everyone except the complainer.

12> Thou shall give creedence to any complaint that comes from 2+ players, as this is directly tied to rule #2

13> Thou wil never allow npc's to solve problems for players. [3]

14> Thou shall never allow rules to interfere with rule #1

15> Thou shall never allow ego, attention hogging, storyline, bad mood or anything else included or not included within these rules to interefere with rule #1.

16> Thou shall modify all of these rules that conflict with rule #1 or add any rules that help insure the execution of rule #1.

[1] This can in fact be a great deal of fun with some particularly frustrating game systems.

[2] Smackng them down and capturing them in ambush is ok, becuase the sweet feeling of vengence when they come back and thwomp the villians is oh so sweet.

[3] This rule is somewhat pliable, in the case of setting up really powerful heroes who will need to be rescued later, or bailing out players out of a fire they didn't have a chance to stop.
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