Rich Piraro (shironiku) wrote in roleplayers,
Rich Piraro

For many years now, I have aspired to run a one-shot adventure on or near Halloween night. It seems that this year, I will finally get the opportunity! My weekly gaming group meets Monday nights, and our current DM has agreed to let me run my one-shot on the 30th.

Now all I need is an idea for an adventure!

Because of the group dynamics, I have decided to avoid anything serious or scary and go for some lighthearted Halloween fun, Tim Burton style. I'm thinking of having the players control d20 versions of classic monsters--Dracula, the Wolf Man, Frankenstien, etc.--on a darkly whimsical do what?

The setting will be inspired by Burton's Halloween Town, so no matter what the adventure entails, it will still have a Halloween feel to it.

It has to be something that can start and end in a single night's playing.

So...any ideas?
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