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Who backs the backgrounds?

So, I'm having a chat conversation with a good bud, and he's asking my opinions on some backgound concepts for a character he's working on for a friends D&D game. Then, out of the blue, he says:

>well scratch that, i acn't come up with my backstory
>The GM is writing the backstories for everyone's characters
>we just have to tell him what we're playing

Poll #808808 Character Backgrounds, GM or PC?

What would your response be, if you were a player in said game?

Um, yanno, I got too many games on my schedule, see ya.
*sigh* Fine, whatever, this better be worth it.
Oh, cool, I hate working on backgrounds!

EDIT: Apparently keeping it simple was too confusing. What I mean is exactly what I said. The GM is doing the backgrounds. The players get to say, "I'm playing an elven mage," and I'm assuming have some input to the stats (but then I wouldn't be surprised if that's not the case either), and the GM decides the rest. Maybe he'll let the player choose their own names, I'm not sure on that one.

And this isn't story-based, "Ok, you guys are playing amnesiacs who wake up in a town together, and will be discvering your pasts which I've plotted out already." No, this is a regular game, no wonky gimmicks.

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