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A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing....

So, over the past 3+ years that I've been a member of this community, I've noticed that there's a lot of people who want to know if there's any big changes planned in a campaign, even if it's the sort of stuff that is integral to the story, etc.

For example, if a game starts off being about federal agents in an X-files sorta vein, but halfway through the campaign, they discover that there's a civilisation underneath the surface of the world, and the rest of the campaign is spent fighting them, not the mudane crimes with a touch of weird they were before.

Myself, as a player, I'd rather be completely surprised by this. Apparently, I'm by no means in the majority of this. And that sort of thing is what I'm referring to when I speak of IC/OOC knowledge.

Poll #808248 IC vs OOC info

What closest resembles your views on IC/OOC info?

I'd prefer to know as much as possible and then RP my character's ignorance
I want to know most of the basics, even if some of it is stuff my PC would never know.
Anything that affects the theme of the campaign, I wanna know in advance, even if it spoils IC stuff. Little stuff I don't mind.
I want to be surprised as much as possible!

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