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Virtual Money burning a hole in my pocket...

Okay, long story short - I've got some Amazon.com gift certificates coming my way in the next month or so. And I don't need to be buying books to read, b/c, well, I've got a buttload piled atop my telly that I haven't read yet.

So, I was thinking of splurging on something else - and that basically leaves two options - electronics (most of which the $$$ I'm getting isn't enough to cover the cost) or roleplaying games.

So I'm looking for suggestions. There are some criteria:

  • This one should be obvious - it has to be available on Amazon.com - I'm sure Don't Rest Your Head is very cool, but if it's not available via Amazon, it doesn't do me any good. Thanks.

  • I'm looking for something no more than.... $40. I'll be getting at least $25, and would love for it to be something I could pay most of with that. I'm not exactly made of money.

  • Genre-wise, I'm pretty open. I like fantasy (regular and modern/urban), horror, adventure/pulp, spy/espionage, superheroics, most scifi...

  • Nothing anime-inspired/themed/etc.

  • I'm really not looking for lisenced properties. I don't like Star Wars, and while I enjoyed Serenity, right now I'm not looking for that.

  • I'm really looking for something that I can read. I won't be playing/running this any time soon. I don't have a RP group. I want something I can read a chapter at a time while sitting on the crapper or whatever. Now, I'm not saying I want it chock-full of fiction - in fact, I don't. But I want pages of history of the world/setting, and/or detailed exposition on the game mechanics.

  • Game mechanics: I prefer simpler over uber-complex. I don't want a system with 3 stats and a limited skill-set, though. SimpleR, not non-existent.

  • A multi-system (Savage Worlds, GURPS, etc) is cool.

  • Nothing d20, unless it's something that MAJORLY revamps the system - like removing levels altogether, drastic stuff like that.

  • No GURPS.

  • Or RIFTS.

  • Or any other game that I'd need to buy another 5-10 books to run.

Ones I'm already thinking of are: SHADOWRUN 4TH edition, DEADLANDS: RELOADED, PARANOIA XP or SAVAGE WORLDS.

Anyone got some others?

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