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The second of the two prestige classes; the Fangs of Lolth, a variant assassin class mostly inspired by Mahiro from "Samurai Deeper Kyo."

Fangs of Lolth

Class LevelBABFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialSpells per day
1+0+0+2+0Sneak attack +1d6, Razor Web, Poison Use, Poison in the veins, Spells
2+1+0+3+0+1 Save vs. Poison, Razor web
3+2+1+3+1Sneak attack +2d6
4+3+1+4+1+2 Save vs. Poison
5+3+1+4+1Sneak attack +3d6, Razor web
6+4+2+5+2+3 Save vs. Poison
7+5+2+5+2Sneak attack +4d6
8+6+2+6+2+4 Save vs. Poison, Poison in the veins
9+6+3+6+3Sneak attack +5d6
10+7+3+7+3+5 Save vs. Poison

The Fangs of Lolth are a variant on assassins, and their technical abilities are written to run parallel to assassin abilities listed in the Dungeon Master's Guide.

Serving the goddess Lolth, they are all drow utterly devoted to her and her clergy. A surprisingly equitable group, the Fangs are as likely to be male as female. Most come from a background as rogues or clerics, but some few tough Underdark rangers and sorcerors follow this path.

Because the clergy occasionally set the Fangs against powerful Drow houses which have fallen from the goddess' dread favor, these assassins must relinquish their house allegiences and family names as part of their induction ritual. Promising candidates are tested, like all drow of their level; in this case, it's a test of fortitude and Lolth's will, as the would-be Fang is repeatedly bitten by venomous spiders. Whether she lives or dies, her family is instructed to regard her as dead, no longer of their concern.

This has led to the rumor among many Drow that the Fangs of Lolth are actually some form of undead; this reputation only pleases the order, as it aids in their work.

As an ambitious Fang of Lolth advances in rank, he or she may be poisoned again and again, until her blood contains a potent mix of the spidery stuff.

Hit Dice: d6

To qualify for becoming an Ironclad, a character must fulfill all the following criteria;
Race: Drow elf
Alignment: Any evil, though practically all Fangs are Chaotic Evil.
Skills: Knowledge (Religion) 4 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks
Special: The character must survive being repeatedly poisoned by spiders, and must relinquish her prior family name and allegience.

Class Skills
The Fang of Lolth class skills are Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Swim, Tumble, Use Magic Device, Use Rope

Skill points at each level: 4 + Int modifier

Class Features
Sneak Attack: As standard assassins, Fangs of Lolth benefit from a +1d6 per two level sneak attack. This follows the guidelines as a rogue's sneak attack and stacks with any prior gains from that class.
Poison Use: Fangs of Lolth become inured to spider poison and are quite immune to the toxin secreted in their own bodies.
Razor Web: Fangs of Lolth become skilled in using a "web" of all but invisible, thin steel filaments to snare and harm their prey. At 1st level, a Fang may use their razor-sharp filaments of steel to "web" up to a 20'x20' area as a trap. An unfortunate victim who blunders into or through the web takes 1d6 damage each round unless they are willing to sacrifice movement in return for safety. A spot DC 15 will reveal the filaments, but safely maneuvering around them slows movement to half normal.

As a Fang of Lolth becomes more proficient in using her "web," she learns to use it in further, deadly ways. By 2nd level she may climb freely around her own web without fear of taking damage (in other words, she make take 10 to climb through her own web, even when under duress).

By 5th level, she may use this web as a weapon as well as a trap, lashing out with slender razor filaments almost like a whisp of spider web. Each round she may launch 1d12 filaments at a single opponant or outwards in a 10' radius, and each filament that hits does 1 point of damage. These are in addition to any steel web already laid down by the assassin.

Spells: As one of Lolth's chosen, a Fang of Lolth has a limited access to Divine spells. She may choose spells as a cleric of that deity, including access to the Spider Queen's domains.
Poison in the Veins: As a Fang of Lolth grows in power, her blood grows more and more toxic from the sheer volume of spider venom injected into her circulatory system. At 1st level, her poison is very weak - a victim must make a Fort Save (15) to avoid 1d2 temporary points of Strength loss. But as the Fang grows in power, so too does the potency of her poison; at 8th level it may cause a 1d4 temporary loss. Fangs of Lolth will typically use their own saliva or blood to coat their weapons effectively, but failing that, she may choose to bite an oppotant for 1d4 worth of damage, plus the poison from her mouth.
Save Bonus versus Poison: Fangs of Lolth become steadily more resistant to the toxins of the spiders they live and work with. This is reflected in the bonus to their saving throws.

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