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Floor plans

Does anyone know where I can get some floor plans or battle maps of industrial-type settings like abandoned factories or warehouses or steam tunnels or something like that? Thanks in advance.

I've completed the first episode of a potentially 2-3 part miniseries in Star Wars D6 set at dawn of the Rebellion era.

Currently the party, which was thrown together and only has loose ties to one another, is stranded in the bowels of Coruscant, after the vertically running rail transport (a la 5th Element) was hijacked and redirected to go further into the depths of the city than is safe, judicious, or legal. The second episode is to consist of the group finding a means of getting back to the surface. I anticipate working in some unsavory criminal types and wretched hives of scum and villainy for colorful RP, but I also want to throw in an encounter with some nonsentient predator, or pack thereof, that prowls the underbelly of the city where the sunlight never reaches.

I visualize the group moving through ancient buildings that have long since been cannibalized and stripped and built over and scavenged and built over again, and I thought some kind of industrial setting would be good for a combat encounter with either one or two large threatening predators, perhaps winged, or maybe a pack of smaller beasties in larger numbers.

I'm also open to suggestions for potential beasties as well. 

I'm running this all in D6, if it matters. Thanks again in advance.

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