Paka (paka) wrote in roleplayers,

I like the idea of Prestige Classes in D&D and am trying to write up some of my own (I'd seriously be into a chance to post the finished product here if people are interested).

But, would anyone have good guidelines for when you want to make a Prestige Class with 5 levels or 10 levels?

I know there's a difference in commitment there, but I can't wrap my head around what might define that difference in commitment. Maybe; that a 5 level path is just wanting to figure out technical mastery over an aspect of your profession, but a 10 level path is more of a philosophy to which you're wholeheardedly and fanatically devoted?

(Oh, and; thanks for all the input on Cadwallon, guys! Reading over everything it sounds like it's a good game, but if I saved up to get it, I'd want to go through and take notes - maybe use those notes to guide players through character creation rather than just stick them with the book. Alternatively, that I'd want to use the book for "fluff," and rely on d20 or another system to provide the "crunch.")

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