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[Burning Empires] Heimdall: Scoping out the Opposition

We played our first Maneuver last night. The situation for the Infiltration so far is focusing on a criminal named Bernhardr and his attempts to successfully smuggle in immigrant laborers and weaponry, and the efforts of Forge Lord Bjornferd, Anvil Lord Oliof, Psychologist Dalla, and Chief Executive Adalbert to stamp out the smuggling. The maneuvers were:

Vaylen: Assess Opposition
Human: Assess Opposition

The way I'm going to write this post up is I'll list whose scene it was and what type of scene, and a general description of the goings-on. These may not be in chronological order but it didn't matter that much.

GM: Color: A group of soldiers patrol a noble fief. After they pass a ship rises up out of the chlorine clouds and lands, and a group of men start unloading crates from the ship. A well-dressed criminal, Bernhardr, steps out of an archway and shakes hands with the pilot.

Jeremy: Interstitial: Dalla calls Bjornferd and Adalbert to meet and discuss the smuggling problem. Dalla says her satellite intelligence system cannot track the smugglers as they're moving under cloud cover. Adalbert expresses a desire for violent termination of the smugglers. Bjornferd agrees to assist in tracking them down.

Bob: Color: Forge Lord Bjornferd goes to a tech and discusses the repair of some big gun of his. The techy comments under his breath that it wouldn't have to be repaired if he wasn't so trigger happy.

Jeff: Building: Lord Oliof tracks down someone in his military unit who's skilled in torture. He finds him in the brig - a soldier named Ripper. Ripper then beats some captured serfs to death before they can speak about their part in an insurrection against the nobles while Oliof watches. Oliof is disappointed, but there will be more.

Jeremy: Color: Dalla consults with an intelligence offer subordinate about contacting Bernharder. I decided to go for my Conflict Scene since this was what I was planning anyway and lead into...

GM: Conflict: A Duel of Wits between Dalla and Bernhardr. Dalla was trying to get Bernhardr to give her information about the smuggling ring and his involvement in it, and Bernhardr wanted to know how much Adalbert and Lord Bjornferd know about the smuggling ring. Before the Duel of Wits, Jere offered me a Psychic Connection Die between Dalla and Bernhardr, which I accepted because we wanted to see the rules in action and it sounded awesome. The Advantage die Bernhardr gets for the Connection almost evened things out, but Dalla ended up winning the Duel of Wits, getting the whole story on the smuggling ring. Bernhardr won a major concession, and Dalla agreed to keep him apprised of Lord Bjornferd's troop movements and to warn him when they were coming.

GM: Interstitial: Bernhardr meets with the insurrectionist, Sparr. He asks for Sparr's assistance. If Sparr uses his propaganda machine to make Bernhardr sympathetic in the eyes of the Freemen and Serfs, Bernhardr will continue supplying him with guns to fight the nobles. Sparr agrees.

Jeff: Color: Lord Oliof speaks in front of an assembled military force and tells them to sweep his fief, kicking in doors and raiding houses to root out the smugglers.

Jere: Building: Dalla meets with intelligence office technicians and works on her satellites, improving them and giving them the ability to penetrate cloud-cover.

Jeff: Interstitial: Lord Oliof meets with Adalbert and discusses cooperating with each other and sharing information. Adalbert agrees.

Bob: Building: Lord Bjornferd commands his Hammer fleet to track incoming smuggler ships and see where they're landing to find their bases of operations. He's successful and finds their locations. Originally, Bob was going to use this scene to give his character a cool gun but I warned him that I don't know if that was an appropriate scene if he wanted to give helper dice during the Maneuver roll and he agreed.

Maneuver: Lord Bjornferd sends in his ground troops in to raid the bases, but when his troops raid them, they're completely cleaned out and empty. Somehow Bernhardr knew of the raid before it happened, and is one step ahead of the authorities. The Vaylen won the Assess roll vs. the Humans'.

Overall: I thought this game session was hot in that it cranked out a really cool story. The way the Scenes were broken up, something *had* to happen in them, and I got a sense of how important those Conflict and Building scenes are. If you dick around, you're not going to get what you want, and I think the players immediately grasped that too.

Next game I want to push more Scenes as the GM - specifically ones that Challenge the PCs Beliefs and threaten their relationships and Resources and kick it up a notch.

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