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Old School: Your Favorite Gygaxian Dungeon Bit!

I was going to post this as a reply to paka's post, but I figured I'd be an attention whore and start a new post.

We're talking about old school D&D (and AD&D) dungeons, where random death is just a failed saving throw away. Here's your moment to reflect on your favorite rediculous trap or completely nonsensical room or encounter.

Here's mine, from X2 Castle Amber:

There's a room with four holes in the ceiling, each hole is 1 foot wide and 6 feet deep. Reaching up with your hand reveals nothing, but if you poke aroun with a spear or your 10" pole, you discover that each hole contains:

#1: 6 Killer Bees!
#2: 1,000 Gold Pieces!
#3: A sack filled with water!
#4: A Cockatrice!

There's no explanation for how this shit got up there, and of course there's no way to find out ahead of time what's in each hole. It's just a random insane Gygaxian Let's Make A Deal of money, junior high gags and angry bees.

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