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[Burning Empires] Heimdall

My friend Judd brought Burning Empires back from GenCon for my housemate, Bob, and it took all of an afternoon for our Tuesday night group with our friend Jeff and Jere to get excited about it enough to ditch our Burning Wheel campaign in favor of fighting off the Vaylen invasion. We only had about two hours so we've only painted the world with broad strokes and haven't burned up characters yet, but Heimdall has come together and we are psyched.

Galactic Location of the World: Outworld - Karsan League. Our group was torn between an inner world, to focus on the factionalism and infighting, or an outworld where the Vaylen threat is more ominous, but we ended up going with an Outworld.

Atmospheric Conditions: Partial-Life Supporting. Heimdall's mountainous terrain rises above toxic chlorine clouds that hug the oceans below. It's only at the mountains' peaks that humans can find breathable atmosphere. They build spires atop the mountains and tunnel into them, though if they dig too deep they must remain vigilant of chlorine leaks.

Hydrology: Predominantly liquid. All the drinkable water lies beneath the chlorine clouds, forcing the humans on the planet to drill pipes down through mountain and cloud to give them water.

Topography: Naturally rugged. Luckily for humans, the planet's land mass is entirely mountainous which gives them a number of mountain peaks and ranges to dwell on.

Tech Index: Low index. The humans have access to fusion technology, power armor, and space flight.

Dominant Form of Government: Noble fief. The planet is ruled by a Forged Lord and was ruled by his father, a Forged Lord, and his father, a Forged Lord. Each mountain peak and range is a fief, watched over by one of the Forged Lord's Anvil or Hammer Lords, who in turn distribute duties to their Lords-Pilot.

Slaves and Serfs - Each fief is built on the backs of serfs, but their discontent grows.
Merchant League - A powerful corporate entity is responsible for all mining and water pumping, making them a powerful force on the Heimdall.
Organized Crime - Though loosely regulated, there is still a call for smuggling on Heimdall.
Psychology Foundations - The Psychologists, always feared, exert subtle influence on the goings-on of Heimdall, though they remain quiet and unobtrusive.
Military Junta - Relationships with one of the Forged Lord's most powerful Anvil Lords grows tense, and some fear outright war.

Planetary Attitude Towards Vaylen: Paranoid. Heimdall has heard news of neighboring planets falling to the Vaylen threat. They have not yet struck on Heimdall, and the feeling is one of tense expectancy.

Primary Export: Raw Materials. Minerals mined from within the mountains and gases extracted from the air form the primary export for Heimdall.

Quarantine: Standard quarantine. Livestock and obviously sick humans are quarantined for a period before being allowed to roam the planet. A stricter quarantine is desired, but the necessary technology and resources are lacking.

Economic Regulation: Loosely regulated. Immigrant labor is banned outright, and military weaponry, Psychology, and so on are monitored closely.

Figures of Note:
Humans - The Forged Lord (played by Bob), the head of the Merchants League, and the rebellious Anvil Lord (played by Jeff) will all be looking out for the good of humanity and for Heimdall. I'm really interested in seeing how things work out between the Forged Lord and the Rebellious Anvil Lord in play. Will it be a strange bedfellows situation, or will their feud tear the defense apart? Jere opted to not play a Figure of Note and will be playing a Psychologist who is actively supporting the humans in the fight against the Vaylen.
Vaylen - A crime lord, a serf rabble-rouser, and the Forged Lord's advisor. Interestingly enough, we don't have any Vaylen working against humanity directly as a Figure of Note - if Humanity falls it'll be as a result of the ambition and dreams of other humans. I'm not going to lie - the fact that a serf fighting for freedom will be inadvertently helping the Vaylen makes me extremely uncomfortable because I feel like our game is making a political statement, but we'll see how it works out.

Phase: Infiltration. The Vaylen are working to establish a foothold on the planet. Bob wanted to jump right into Invasion or Usurpation so there could be explosions and battles, but me and Jere were very enthusiastic about starting from the beginning and seeing how it all plays out. Bob agreed, but we had to promise to take it all the way to Invasion.

The initial Dispositions are Vaylen 26, Humans 20. The Vaylen have an advantage in the Infiltration Phase, which I plan on using to crush the humans - mwahahaha.

Anyhow, I am totally pumped about this game. We might be burning characters tonight, and I cannot wait to burn up my Figures of Note.

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