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So I just got my three adventures in the mail (Palace of the Silver Princess, Drums on Fire Mountain, and Quest for the Heart Stone).  I'm now in the process of converting them to 3.5 so I can my players through them.  This will give me pre-packaged adventures to enjoy for the next little while.

Palace was my first adventure, my mom got it for me, along with an April Fool's issue of Dragon Magazine, and a wyvern and gold dragon miniature.  I never got much use out of the miniatures, and I'm not accustomed to using them for adventures, but I've been thinking these days of getting one of those cloth mats with the grid on it so I can use a washable marker and set up maps for my players.

When I'm done changing the adventures (I'm doing the conversions in Wordperfect), I'll convert it to PDF and make it available for download.  You'll still need the original adventure, sorry guys.

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