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Advice from the D20 crowd

... and the party has no healer. There is irony in this, me playing a healer AGAIN, but I won't expound upon it here.

I'm thinking of going with the Mystic Theurge prestige class from the DMG, with an Aasimar as the race. This would put me at Cleric/Wizard/Mystic Theurge 3/3/5, giving me access to 4th level arcane and 4th level divine spells. The basic premise is, of course, a follower of the goddess of magic (the world is home-brew).

Having never played so high level a spellcaster before, I thought I'd turn here for advice:

What feats should I take? I only get 4. 

Should I go specialty mage? I'm leaning toward Abjuration - the party already has a straight 13th level sorceror who likes to do flash combat spells, so I want to steer my concentration away from Evocation. I see no use for Necromancy, so I was thinking that would be one of my prohibited schools; but I can't decide on the other - either transmutation or illusion. I'm not particularly interested in conjuring lots of beasties to fight for me, but there are other conjuration spells I want access to.

Cleric domains: one is easy, Magic. But the other? Healing? that's sort of what the party needs... but I was thinking maybe Protection as a possible alternative.

As a disclaimer, I've yet to develop a character history or personality concept, but I generally see this person as focusing on magic for the sake of magic, trying to understand and master the arcane and divine forces... 

Anyway. Advice? Discuss. Thanks in advance.

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