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A request for suggestions

I co-run an Elders Vampire LARP. Recently, a plot twist jumped up and bit us during a game, and we decided to run with it. We did not plan this ahead of time -- but we did let it happen.

I used to run another LARP of my own design. My rules, my world, all my stuff. I put a heck of a lot of work into it and was quite proud of it. But it was a five-year LARP (from its inception, we knew it would have a five-year plot arc and come to a final end), and now it's over. It was a wild success, my players and I all have many fond memories and more in-jokes than we care to count, and it was hands-down the best game I've ever run (*tootles my own horn*). But I've put all that aside for a few years and started a new White Wolf LARP.

Many of our players are very knowledgeable with White Wolf stuff, so it gets difficult to surprise them. The characters are surprised, but the players are not, and no matter how good a player you are, it's difficult to ignore OOC knowledge sometimes. So, we decided to start bringing in some non-White Wolf stuff, and hey, I had a whole bunch of well-developed non-White Wolf creatures, characters, and abilities ready-made. Stuff that most of my current players have no idea about. It was fairly simple to translate them from my own system to White Wolf, and I was thrilled to be able to once again use the stuff I'd worked so hard on.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that we introduced an NPC who fought alongside the PCs for one session. He had an ability that allowed him to share skills and powers with someone else, and he'd 'linked' with a 700-year-old 6th-gen Ventrue Elder PC. They both got pretty beat up, but the NPC was unfamiliar with Vampires, saw that his fighting partner was wounded, and used his own healing ability (which draws upon the power of Nature and Mother Earth) to heal them both. "Completely," he said.


How would Mother Nature completely heal a vampire? My co-Storyteller figured it would look at the body, think "Now what needs fixing here? Oh, look -- the heart isn't beating anymore. That sucks. Let's fix that." So he returned a 700-year-old vampire to mortality. Nutty, I know, but we thought it was too much fun not to run with it.

The former vampire has retained his Traits and Abilities (even the superhuman levels), but has no access to any of his other Vampiric abilities (no Disciplines, certain Merits and Flaws are gone, etc.), and is mortal. He can go out in the sun, has a heart beat, can have children, all that good stuff. He can also be killed really easily, is now aging again, and his sire knows that the blood bond is broken. We don't intend this to be permanent -- we wouldn't do that. Having him get embraced again and having to start all over again from scratch is not something we'd make the player do. The player is being a phenominally good sport. He's having a lot of fun with this -- his character has been a Ventrue for 700 years, and is all excited about the idea of starting up his family's bloodline again (which died out a couple centuries back) -- but he does want to return his character to his original vampiric state. We've basically ripped away the vast majority of his power and made him not only incredibly vulnerable, but a great big giant target for many interested parties. He's loving the challenge, but is anxious to get his character back the way he was, mostly because he now no longer has ANY RATIONAL REASON to show up at Elysiums. Lambs don't usually wander into wolf dens.

So, I have two basic questions to put to all of you:

1) How would you suggest we return him to his original state? The idea the player came up with was when he fathers a child (something he's dedicated to doing as soon as he can), the "life force" is freely transferred to the new baby and his fangs and hunger and power return shortly thereafter. Very Buffy/Angel. My co-Storyteller thinks we should bring in another NPC from my old game to restore him in a very cinematic way. On one hand, I'm always a big fan of big drama and cinematics, but on the other, I like the idea of allowing the player something more subtle, so he can pretend to be mortal for a bit longer (the other players would be unknowing) and see who tries anything. I think that idea has a lot of potential, too. I guess I'm just fishing for more ideas -- the magic that changed him was originally Rune magic, based on the ancient Norse myths (the theme of my old LARP). I've half a mind to tell the character he's got to go hang himself from the tree Yggrasl for nine days, but that's neither subtle nor cinematic. ;)

2) How would you suggest we reward the player for being such an incredibly good sport? We've already been shoveling some lovely XP his way, but I really think this warrants something more. When he turns back, we'll give his Humanity rating a boost, of course (he was kind of low on that, but being mortal for a bit and acquiring a wife & flesh-and-blood child should give him a lot to think about), but what else could we do? Would it be totally out of line to give him perhaps some mortal abilities? I'm not really all that familiar with Hunters and the powers that they have, or the abilities that mortals can develop, but is there anything along those lines that would be a) appropriate, and b) not too stupidly over-powerful? Or any other ideas for rewards?

Thanks for letting me pick your collective brains. :) (Cross-posted to rpg_admin)

Mmm.... brains....
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