Tyler (blinovitch) wrote in roleplayers,

Wild Talents

"Good news, everyone!"

Wild Talents, the long-promised continuation to Greg Stolze and Dennis Detwiller's game of super heroes in WWII, Godlike, is finally ready for print.

There's a catch, however. In the company's words:
To pay for the limited edition, we're using a "pledge" system. If you want a copy, give us your name and contact information and tell us how many copies you'll want to buy. When we get enough pledges to pay for producing the book, we'll get in touch and tell you it's time to cover the pledge. With that cash in hand we'll print the books and send yours directly to you.

What happens if—I shudder to imagine it—we don't get enough pledges to produce the book? Then you pay nothing.

I owned the original Godlike and thought it was fantastic and a very neat little system. The prospect of Wild Talents finally coming out, with the ORE system tweaked for full-on supers and generally refined, has me all tingly.

Go ooh and ahh over the previews. I hope they get the money, because this looks like a good 'un.


EDIT: And...it's done. 100%! Y'all better pay up. ;-)
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