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Every once in a while - you do a scene that reminds you about why you RP .....even after all the bullshit and bad players, the scene is so great that it makes 1-2 years of pure bad shit worthwhile.

I'm...sharing a little scene I had that reminded me as to why I love rp. The players involved I had never met before - we all just started playing, and we have since connected through RP. The players won't see this....but thanks guys for renewing my passion for RP.

Setting: Old World of Darkness on http://www.wodchat.com
About: Dolore Giovanni (vamp) has been sent after Nic Giovanni (vamp), because Nic was seduced by a Tremere into giving away Giovanni flamily secrets...and had begun to teach the Tremere Necro. Nic made the shit list in a big way.....


*[Dolore Giovanni] ~As the house lies in slumber...and the maid enjoys a break from her shift, all is not well. The peace of the house shall not last long, because someone has sinned.

Vince, Gian, Nicolia...so many of them were fast asleep, or at least starting to awaken.

It was during this strange time of limbo between sleeping and awake - that a horrifying sound tore apart the silence: it was the roar of a chainsaw. To make matters worse...whoever started it up...was just outside the bedroom doors on the second floor in the hallway.~ ((make your rolls to wake up

*[Nicolia Giovanni] An eye opens slightly before she turned over and fell back to sleep. ((Failed roll))

*[Vincent Rosselini] **his head turns and lifts with a growl at being driven awake before he was used to... he gropes around the bedsheets and runs a hand through his hair...** ((2 sux to wake up))

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~The chainsaw begins to scream...it's a signature sound as it chews its way through wood, or even drywall.

In Nic's room, the sound is intense and chips of wood and drywall spray into her room all over from where the chainsaw has been thrust into her heavy oak wood door. With slow but steady work - the chainsaw begins to cut the door from its very hinges......there are more effective ways to get the door open fast - but this is the more horrifying to witness. Her hour was here.....even if she was not yet awake to witness it.~ ((roll again, same diff

*[Nicolia Giovanni] The sounds of a screaming thunder ripping down the door, this time however, she up like a shot. So much so she fell out of the bed peeking up over the edge of it.

*[Vincent Rosselini] **Upon hearing the sound, and realizing more what it is, he decides this may be a time for less decorum and more action. He slithers off the bed, and hand walks himself to the door.**

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~The door is cut away from its very hinges as Nic watched the chainsaws progress...then its withdrawn. Theres a pause...a weird moment where only the rumble of the chainsaw is heard. Woodchips and dry wall covered Nic's bedroom, she even had a few on her and in her hair.

The chainsaw could be heard and yet there still was no action.

Then in an explosive moment the door was violently kicked in, it trumbles into her room "head over heels" and crashed into furtnite in her room and walls - upsetting much of her room and breaking many expensive furnishing and decorations.

The foot that kicked in the door had a body...it was Dolore's.

The aging old hag had come for Nicholia~

HERE'S JOHNY BITCH! ~She screamed those words out with enough force and conviction that it would be very easy for anyone to beleive the old Giovanni had finally completely fallen off her rocker. As she screamed those words she wielded the chainsaw above her head in a gesture of bravo and grinned, with her fangs bared~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] Private Message To Dolore Giovanni:(Pardon me while Nicci wets herself in an unladylike manner)

*[Vincent Rosselini] **hearing the yell, an don’t necessarily being able to identify it through the door, he grasps the handle, and with a twist, and an over enthusiastic pull, yanks it open and rolls into the hall ready for a fight.**

*[Nicolia Giovanni] Seeing the old woman has gone from off her rock to completely bat-shit crazy. There was a screech before she fell on her backside sliding away, "What? What hell is going on?" Her eyes wildly confused and scared shitless.

Her back finding the wall, she slowly stood up panicking, "Dolore....What has gotten into you?"

*[Dolore Giovanni] THAT'S WHAT I WANNA KNOW ABOUT YOU! ~she screamed back at Nic while advancing on the woman slowly...with each step she swished the roaring chainsaw in the air.~

I wanna know all about your gray matter! I need to get IN your head! No matter what it takes! ~she jabbed the chainsaw in the air at Nic.~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] Private Message To Dolore Giovanni:Ok it's bad when *I* fear any scenes with Dolore. lol That woman is nuts!

*[Nicolia Giovanni] "What are you talking about?" Then screaming at the chainsaw is ir roaring at her. "Just need to ask, not.....this." If she could piss herself, she would.

*[Vincent Rosselini] **Seeing Dolore... he wonders for a moment, then imagines she's not demon possessed. He slithers back into his room, and begins to gather himself together.**

*[Dolore Giovanni] We got 2 ways to do this, baby!

Willing or unwilling!

~*swish!, swish!* 1 , 2 swings of the chainsaw in the air.....those swings could remove entire limbs with just a single pass. Dolore swung the chainsaw like it was a child’s toy...light and nimble in the grasp of the near elder~

~she then stopped...just a few feet from Nic~ Personally...~her voice lowered into a soft predatory growl, and her grin widened~ I prefer unwilling...~she swung the chainsaw once more...cutting clean through one of the wooden bedposts nearest to Dolore - that could have been one of Nic's limbs~

*[Vincent Rosselini] **he is efficient, but "takes his time" getting put together... Then climbs up in his chair, and composes himself.**

*[Nicolia Giovanni] "Do what, do what do what?"

She shut her eyes as the bedpost was severed. Feeling some of the wood hit her in the face, when it stopped she looked at her again. "I don't know what you are talking about, but willing, oh dear god, willing...."

The woman was shaking in front of Dolore.

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~She leaned forward a bit...tilting her head.....that grin....those long thirsting fangs...they never changed.~ We....are gonna talk about James....and then...Mr Frost...

~the next swing was fast - and it was aimed to 2 one thing...completely remove one of her feet or mangle the foot/ankle beyond use - making fleeing impossible~

*[Vincent Rosselini] **he rolled slowly out fo his room, and down to Nicolia's.. A "nails on chalkboard" squeak accompanies each revolution of the wheels of his chair...**

*[Nicolia Giovanni] She went down like a ton of bricks after seeing her foot laying there lifelessly near her leg. She was screaming bloodly murder in an instant, holding to her exposed ankle as blood pools up.

*[Dolore Giovanni] QUIT YOUR BLEEDING BITCH! YOU'R A VAMPIRE! BLEEDING IS OPTION! NOW CRAWL DOG, OR I'll DRAG YOU MYSELF DOWN THE HALL....~She loved this, Dolore truely loved this - it was driving her more and more to newer and sicker heights. She lowered her voice and waved the chainsaw a little before her at hip level...she waved it like she were waving a dick~ I'll drag you down the hallway, AFTER I remove your limbs, just like a sack of potatoes...

*[Vincent Rosselini] **He turns the corner and rolls his wheelchair into the room, his one good eye takes in the sight and his eyebrows lower upon his brow. His one good eye stabs at Nicolia. His voice is a basso that crawls out of his chest as if from the depths of a grave.** Ms. Giovani, compose yourself. This is now way for one of our family to comport themselves. Good evening Signora Dolore.

*[Nicolia Giovanni] She was still in shock about all that's happened, it's happening so quickly. She looked at the chainsaw at her hip as the bleeding stopped, on the verge of tears. "Please...just up that away, I'll go...I will go." She whimpered, looking up to Dolore slowly. The look in her eye, she was gone from this world; reality has slip from this woman's grasp.

Hearing another person, a man, she looked over. Where all the crazies here tonight?

*[Dolore Giovanni] Crawl....~she sneered and continued to order Nicholia. Vincent was the furthest thing from her mind~ Crawl dog....you don't even deserve the Giovanni name if you did what I think you did!

Strip naked, you are but a f*ckin animal! Unworthy of speaking, walking upright, or even having clothing until you redeem yourself! I'll cut it all from you if I must!

*[Nicolia Giovanni]"What do you think I did?" She screeched out at her, she was clueless as to what's going on. Removing what she had on, she was nearly afraid to move, and the pain in her leg was still nagging at her. Moving to her knees, waiting to know where the hell she's going.

*[Vincent Rosselini] **he turns his chair, and his back on her as he rolls out into the hallway with "that squeak", and makes way for the parade.**

*[Dolore Giovanni] The Tremere Nicholia......James, your lover, Nicolia - we have your cell phone records....and wraiths that have seen what -YOU- have done!

~Dolore did not even kick aside Nic's clothing she stood there with the chainsaw still~ To the kitchen...we are going to the basement....~the basement has always been off limits - not even Gian has been down there.~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] She looked up, now knowing she stole her cell phone. She started to crawl, she was crying, she doesn't know what it was her and James did that set her off.

*[Dolore Giovanni] 3 nights are missing from your memory...aren't they? ~Dolore followed the crawling nude woman - there was no mercy in her voice~

3 nights to blood bond a soul...to steal the secrets of the family...to steal the art of Necromancy! ~that chainsaw keep rumbling~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] She crawled shaking her head, "No....he drank from me once...." she's trying to think and remember, "I couldn't of drank from him...I wouldn't...." However Dolore was right, three days were missing from her, but not just her there was someone else to.

*[Vincent Rosselini] **he waits to follow up the rear.. wondering what is in store.. the morbid curiousity of the necromancer holds him.. he rolls back into Nicolia's room, and takes up her foot from the bed.....**

*[Dolore Giovanni] He drank from you....so he could learn the art! They have to driunk from us once before they can even attempt to learn it! ~she screamed after saying those words, pure fury was a nice summary of how the scream sounded. As she screamed she swung the chinsaw in the hellway...cutting a deep line in the dry wall, and cutting a painting cleanly in 2~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] "He spat it out into a glass afterwards!" She wasn't bullshitting her, not that Dolore cared. She looked up wondering how much further, "He never fully drank, I never touched his vitae."

*[Dolore Giovanni] THAT'S EVEN WORSE! A Tremere has your blood! HE could be watching this very moment! ~she howled in fury now~ CRAWL FASTER BITCH BEFORE I KILL YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW!

*[Nicolia Giovanni] "The glass was dumped out when we arrived at the pier! He doesn't have anything of mine!" She was crawling as fast as she could.

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~down the stairs they went~ JUST SHUT UP! ~its a small wonder Dolore had not yet frenzied~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] She was crying out of fear and confusion. she went down tot he bottom of the stairs nearly tripping over her hands.

*[Vincent Rosselini] **he rolls silently, save the squeak, behind... places the foot in a freezer bag he takes from one of the pockets of the chair.**

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~At the bottom of the very bottom of the stairs Dolore landed a kick on Nic's ass.~ To the kitchen DOG! The basement door is there....I hope you don't mind being upside down, because your gonna stay that way until all the blood in your head returns your memory!

*[Vincent Rosselini] **he stops at the stairs, and watches them descend.**

*[Nicolia Giovanni] She fell flat on her face, scrambling to pick herself back up she move towards the kitchen sobbing. She didn't know what was going on, she wished she knew, those damned three days.

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~Dolore followed Nic, her focus was too intense to spare Vincent even a glance....at the basement door, Dolore killed the chainsaw engine, letting it wind down before she set it upon the butchers block in the kitchen....quiet a few human bodies had been proceeds on that block - but those were stories for later.

Dolore reached forward to the basement door, and opened it......before Nic a cold, damp, cement basement lay at the end of wooden stairs....what its contents were, she could not yet make out.~

*[Vincent Rosselini] **after they are down and out of sight, he scoots out of his chair, and carrying it without issue, descends the stairs sitting on them and maneuvering with one hand.**

*Nicolia Giovanni] She looked at the stairs hesitating. "......"

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~Did Dolore wait? Did Dolore have the patience to wait? No. There was another swift kick to the ass and Nic was propelled forward and down those stairs with brutal force.~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] Nicolia went tumbling down the stairs, hitting the wall, the stairs, the rail before unceremoniously landing on her back. She laid there groaning before sitting up looking around.

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~Dolore marched down the stairs after Nic.

The basement was barren and empty...all save for 1 heavy steel door that locked from the outside and looked to be in the fashion of a medieval prison door. Dolore walked over to the door and proceeded to unlock it.~ We will start tomorrow...don't even bother regrowing your foot, I'll just keep removing it.

*[Vincent Rosselini] **After mounting his chair, he rolled to the kitchen, and waits by the door to the basement.. he listens to the goings on.**

*[Nicolia Giovanni]"St...start what?" She slide away from her.

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~Dolore opened the door into the room~

We will start to recover...those 3 nights. ~She said it calmly, her calm tone only made matters seem worse.~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] "But....you all seem to already know even if I don't."

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~dolore did not say anything more on the subject...she just pointed to the room~ 3 nights Nicolia...go into the room

*[Nicolia Giovanni] She looked at Dolore, "Pl-" She knew it wouldn't matter, she sighed and slid into the room.

*[Dolore Giovanni] ~Dolore closed the heavy steel door behind Nicolia, ending the night’s ordeal. Nicolia could hear the sound of the door behind locked behind by Dolore, and then the sound of retreating footsteps, and the pantry door being closed and locked.

At last, Nic was alone. She was alone in a barren little room with a cotton filled bar mattress on the floor, and nothing else in the room - not even a light.~

*[Nicolia Giovanni] Her head whipped around as the door shut, she started to pound on the door. "NO! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!!!" She pounded as hard as she could. "DOLORE! GIANCARLO! James....." She whimpered as her head slid down the door crying. "Someone....." Resting her face against the door for a moment, "anyone...."

she looked around nothing but a chasm like darkness, slowly she groped around finding a soiled mattress on the floor. Climbing into it curling into a ball chewing on her thumbnail wishing her flask was with her to get the edge off.

*[Vincent Rosselini] Buona sera Signora Dolore. Yes, quite well. Though the alarm went off a little early.

*[Dolore Giovanni] ...OH? I'm sorry, did I disturb your sleep? I'll try and warn you the night before so you an sleep with something on to muffle the sound...

~she sighed dramatically and walked over to pick up the chainsaw from the butchers block.~ Excuse me..I need to talk to the maid and get that door and other things replaced...

~Dolore, walked away at that - as if nothing had happened.~

((end scene))
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