Bitter Cup O Joe (bittercupojoe) wrote in roleplayers,
Bitter Cup O Joe

Another new member

creamnsugar mentioned this group to me, so I thought I'd join as well. I've been playing RPGs for over twenty years, starting with the Basic D&D boxed set. I've played the various D&Ds, two Marvel systems, Rifts, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020, most of the World of Darkness products, Star Frontiers, Gamma World, Champions, and tons of others. Oh, and I've actually been in a game book, Living Room Games' Digital Burn, as one of the cops in their photo artwork. Currently, I'm running a Mutants and Masterminds game with four players. I've browsed through the first couple of pages on the comm and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Anyways, hello!
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