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wod sites

I've noticed a sad trend, that more and more great White-Wolf WoD RPG related sites are fading away, making it harder and harder to find good resources for running World of darkness games. So, here is a small list of GREAT resource sites for World of Darkness Players & Admins

http://www.geocities.com/poisongrin/ <- WoD Graphics
http://www.geocities.com/tzimisce77/ <- Resource site for Clan Tzimisce
http://www.assamites.com/ < - Resource for Clan Assamites
http://www.toreigninhell.com/fall/ <- Site for Infernalism
http://www.shadownessence.com/ <- General site for anything WoD

http://www.pissedoffgamers.com <-Reviews & Talk of WoD Gaming (good place to trade links with and get traffic for your site or game - works for me)
http://www.rpgtopsites.com/list.php3?list=978314480 <- An ACTIVE top list for WoD gaming, good for joining and advertising your site on

I hope this helps you Old World of Darkness players & admins out there.
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