The Geek Queen (thegamemistress) wrote in roleplayers,
The Geek Queen

Pros & cons of LJ versus GJ for PbP RPGs

I'm setting up to run a journal-based Play-by-Post game, and was going to use Livejournal for it, but a friend recently pointed me to Greatestjournal.

For those who've run and/or played in journal RPGs, do you have recommendations on which service to use? I've seen both LJ and Greatestjournal used frequently (at least, to judge by the ads in places like rpg_promo). Are there any others?

Two things - the service must be free, and not require invitation codes to join (my players tend to get discouraged by having to shell out money or get an invite code just to play in a game. :).

(A note to BBS and mailing list players - I've used both before, and find I [and a number of my players] prefer the journal-based interface. Just a matter of taste, I suppose. Thus, I'm not looking for recommedations for message boards or mailing lists. :)
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