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Running combat in PbP RPGs?

Does anyone here have any idea about where to run combat in a WoD Play-by-Post (journal-based) game? I like the medium of Play-by-Post, because we don't have to worry about scheduling difficulties (which can be hellish with players on different schedules, in different time zones, etc.) and I much prefer the interface, but am looking for some medium to run combats that doesn't slow everything down to a crawl.

Some notes - I've never done IRC, I don't use IM, and I don't MU*. A BBS/board would pretty much have the same problems as a journal-based game (at least, in my experience, having GMed and played board-based games in the past).

I know there *used* to be "free" (i.e., ad-supported) browser-based chat rooms. Do any of those still exist? Or are there any inexpensive sorts of software to do the same thing on a domain?
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