Welcome to the Roleplayers Community. Here are the Rules

This community is for roleplayers to gather and discuss their hobby. The rules I'm providing here have been in the community's info page for like a decade, but it's probably good to have them stickied as well, and update them a bit.

The Rules:

  1. This goes without saying, and yet needs to be said: keep it civil. We're all opinionated folk and while I'm all for spirited debate and discussion, it cannot devolve into outright flames and insults. Try to keep the discussion fruitful; if you're just talking at one another repeating the same thing it's time to stop. Mods will post when they think things are going too far. If they do, lay off.

  2. This is an inclusive commnity. There will be no questioning the validity of anyone's race, sexual preferene, gender, etc; doing so is grounds for a ban. If you have a problem with someone along those lines, then kindly stop posting. There are plenty of places on the internet you can indulge in your bigotry, this will not be one of them.

  3. Please don't post recruiting advertisements to your game here. Frankly there are much better places to do that - rpg_promoand rpg_connect are two of them. Another is pnp_rpgs, which is geared specifically to "traditional" games (as opposed to the celebrity/harry potter/etc stuff on the two other communities).

  4. Keep it on topic. In the past few months I've seen people post about card games, stupid web games, stuff like that.

  5. Everyone has different tastes in gaming. It's OK to discuss them and talk about why you like one form of gaming or don't like another. But it is not acceptable to be dismissive of another form of roleplaying. "I don't like hack and slash because the emphasis is on maximizing the effectiveness of stats and there's no real character development that takes place," is an OK criticism. "Hack and Slash isn't real roleplaying," is not. My goal is for this community to be someplace that people feel comfortable posting, and if members are dismissing their fun that can't happen.

  6. This should go without saying, but don't use the community to violate copyright. Sharing copies of gamebooks or whatnot or asking for that sort of thing isn't something I'm comfortable allowing. Yeah I know it sucks when something has been out of print for ten years, but them's the breaks.


What's off topic? Since I know it can be tough here's a list of stuff that I've determined is off topic. In general - you should ask yourself if someone surfing the community in a year would find the post at all worthwhile. If not, think again about posting it.

  • Posts soliciting players for a game

  • Posts by players looking for a game (note that posts about how to find players/games are fine and perfectly on topic)

  • Quiz results. No one cares what type of sheep you are. ;)

  • Off topic links. Go ahead and link to a new RPG you've discovered but make sure it's really an RPG.

  • Posts looking for people to play MMORPGs with. This just isn't the forum for you to let people know what server you're on.

  • CCG's, Miniature Games, Wargaming, etc... yeah I know there's a lot of overlap in these hobbies but this is the roleplayers community; there are better communities on LJ for those hobbies.

  • politics and religion: Tread VERY lightly when touching these areas. If you want to discuss incorporating these subjects into your game, then go to town. If you want to discuss these subjects in some other context then there are plenty of other places on Livejournal to do that. If you're in doubt, ask the moderator.

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Please help me to translate the bad-written monster manual from the comic strip

I've stumbled upon a comic strip of an author toi (number8) where a little girl reads "monster manual" in some library and gets sucked into. The monster manual is poorly written, so most of the inscriptions are not translatable. However, some time before finding the comics I wrote something very alike about myself in a forum TRPG - this coincidence makes me think about this girl as "myself" in some sense. So I'm very interested in transcribing as much as possible - the names of the monsters in the first place. I'm not English speaking one so I ask for help those who are.

I tried to collect the pictures in the right order under the cut with my translation attempts.

Collapse )
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Papers & Paychecks

There's a Kickstarter out for Papers & Paychecks.


"Papers & Paychecks" of course comes from the classic cartoon by Will McLean in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide from 1979. It features a group of fantasy characters speculating that they are in "workers and students in an industrialized and technological society".

I have written the game for a non-profit gaming club (RPG Review Cooperative, Inc.) and all the proceeds will go to that club. However with all Kickstarters, if the target isn't reached no money is paid or received. We should just make it.

Inspired by the cartoon, the game posits a comic of modern working life where what can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. If you like TV series such as 'Drop The Dead Donkey', 'Corner Gas', 'The IT Crowd', 'The Office', 'Utopia', and 'Interns' then this game is for you.

Using a well-known traditional core mechanics, the game system also has a number of novel features from contemporary design, and inverts some
traditional tropes. It is easy to pick up to those new to RPGs and yet
contains intricacies which will delight the experienced gamer.

Yes, we do have permission from WotC to use the McLean cartoon in our advertising material.
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Petition to grant D&D 4th Ed an Open Game License

This petition has just started, an initiative of the RPG Review Cooperative. It's about granting 4th Edition D&D the same sort of Open Game License as 3rd and 5th editions.

Even if you're not a huge fan of 4th edition please spend the minute or so that it takes to sign the petition. Thanks!


(no subject)

There appear to be some strange things going on, just want to keep everybody in the loop.

1. There were a few posts in moderator quarantine...some within the past few days, some within the past few years. Was unaware that they would appear according to release date rather than post date, otherwise I would have just left them in the queue.

2. It appears that the community now has open membership but moderated posts, which means I have to approve post on a case-by-case basis. I'm not entirely happy with this arrangement (see this post for details), but it wasn't my call, and at least it will enable blocking any new spam. So if you don't see your post right away, be patient, I'll get there.

3. As much as I would love to delete the old spam, I can't do so until/unless our founder decides to level up my powers. If we can up the traffic here just a little bit, said spam will scroll off into oblivion.
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Anima Character Creator on IndieGoGo

I'm teaming up with a friend to create a detailed character editor for Anima: Beyond Fantasy.
This editor will allow you to quickly create creatures and characters, store campaign notes, level and update the characters, and save them.  It will give page and book references for you, and allow you to choose which books and optional rules you'll be using.  It won't have a copy of the rules itself - you'll still need the books to play, and it won't have descriptions of things (like, you can select an advantage, and it will say the book and page number, but it won't give a description of the advantage).  We're also planning on making it update when new books are out, as soon as we put the information in.
The program is going to be free, open-source.  We're just looking for funding to get the program to build it… and really, that's it.  We've got some perks, including putting in your characters to show off to others (with character art designed around your character), and getting your character their own theme music, designed by my friend.
So, please.  :)  We want to make one of the best indie character editors for Anima ever.  Give us a hand!  :)
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RPG Review Issue 18

Goodness it's quiet around here. I remember when there were discussion threads with dozens of participants, I tell ye...

Anyway, back on those days I used to regularly mention a free quarterly online publication that I edit, RPG Review. Quite a few people here even contributed to it.

Well, it's still going with Issue 18, a Cthulhu mythos in gaming special. So if you want to have a gander, come over here:


And join our low-volume announce list:


*prods* Anyone still here?