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Please help me to translate the bad-written monster manual from the comic strip

I've stumbled upon a comic strip of an author toi (number8) where a little girl reads "monster manual" in some library and gets sucked into. The monster manual is poorly written, so most of the inscriptions are not translatable. However, some time before finding the comics I wrote something very alike about myself in a forum TRPG - this coincidence makes me think about this girl as "myself" in some sense. So I'm very interested in transcribing as much as possible - the names of the monsters in the first place. I'm not English speaking one so I ask for help those who are.

I tried to collect the pictures in the right order under the cut with my translation attempts.

GB toi (number8) )lucca) 01 773c6a6ffbd20ed1e8adcd324f7ea915.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 02 11c4603d37ca8380802a7ceba160a8ac.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 03 eaae7bbb51466437aaf9c33ec17b6375.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 04 1c8ab3b8b7c1cb873f454d01d99914af.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 05 cc526c86f6cb24b749de6ec81d0bffa3.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 06 eb0d53cdd8500ed80dea640c0fe4b2f5.jpg Mushroom / Eat every....
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 07  a44bcae8a2366870bced9c00894d36b5.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 08 ba71ffaeb78391aba482da81ef7279a8.jpg Schrock / Do not ... Do not listen his voice.
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 09 ad81d16606fa6c5a5b668d8bf9fad058.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 10 11e44114329ecdc070121f290418ede9.jpg Slime / .... acid
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 11 7838b94c14029e5ec2c95a2255ffc4a6.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 12 d2c96882c7f5697a1f41a35d280d8a52.jpg Sahaun / Eat human ... where ...
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 13 9d7bfe368b6a716ee616ad7a3435fe8e.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 14 dbf898e95298a687d4935094c2c0934c.jpg Killer Be(e?) / The needle .... poisoned .... one ....
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 15 fc757f4c6827059b8ee9880dac69e3d0.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 70 5d6b097d4a25a6cd236bbfc8cecbf248.jpg Josker / .... end crazy [duplicates further]
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 71  dbd5fca06f1296bc6d583955ff976e89.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 72 e06a0d577c1d1a1bf651fdc5c6a77ae5.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 73 bd19585d890b5683f5604fe35ea00b7a.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 74 a5d4af8fb0168af080ebc1f7382bdfbf.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 75 d152d45a5161943ee3094422c1f08f3e.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 76 8cbe0d5dafca72dd7cd45ea50c473614.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 77 df8952246c984cd95c637c694f91144d.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 78 8e0c3b5d5278e2e63f64250173987a8d.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 79 ab5c5bea0070aa922ecbed126b825084.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 80 3e536db75bbc97a5a089d537c866b262.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 85 c5563bd881195361d00645bc93ffe6a8.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 86 7bf6242a9be3b79109e1b1d592bfd4af.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 87 c9f45a64644cae6130e46c669dd842b2.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 88 f08a72a54ae96dc1bc96f32720ea0573.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 89 a31bb6361d7b1a62a1b0812234c95d27.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 90 c6a7469e76dd6a639e2af4c175e49b22.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 91 c0a25e1561b8572792b3c429da6de375.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 92 637377dfe25e9044f9e90c0f1c149c20.jpg
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 93 bb981591afe4b34fbe93db78ed895b6d.jpg Role.... / Beware ....
GB toi (number8) )lucca) 94 489263ee9cef0b56c8725b3740364305.jpg
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You need to fix the links to those pictures; single "/" instead of "//".

Welcome to (what's left of) the community.
That's the way the links are written on the site... However, single '/' works too, I've changed just in case.

Thank you :)
I get 403 forbidden if I try to follow any of the links.


February 12 2017, 21:26:34 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  February 12 2017, 21:26:45 UTC

Sorry, reloaded photos at LJ now
slime: It has no [something] acid
Schrock: Do not meet his eye
Sahaun: Eat human [something] every day
BTW, thank you very much.

Schrock script makes the strip even more ambigous - whether the author of the book tests monsters or invents them gradually.